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Michael Aubrecht - review for drum blog
(Writer for: Modern Drummer, DrumHead magazine) Wed, Jul 29, 2015

I don’t usually review items that may fall into the ”gimmicky” category. That said I recently came upon an item that is anything but that. The RimRiser is one of those inventions that is so simple and so effective; you wish that you had thought of it first. The purpose of the RimRiser is to amplify your rim shots by creating a supplemental device that sits above the drum’s rim. It is an extension of the drum and does an excellent job of increasing the crack of your rim shots. According to their website, “The RimRiser is a cross-stick enhancer that allows you to get that perfect cross stick sound every time, giving you consistency throughout your performances.” The RimRiser is very easy to install, comes in a variety of colors, and fits onto one of your snare’s existing lugs. I found it to increase a significant amount of volume that almost echoes when you strike it. If you want to get more out of your rim shots get yourself one of these RimRisers. You will not be sorry.

March 2014 review - Internet publication - France
Web Music School - France

MAY 17 - THE SOURCE 2012
"Mantova's Two Street Music offers accessories from Lakota Leathers, Smith Mallets, Rim Risers, Curt Mangan Strings and Gorilla Tips, among others."

For the full story, Click here: http://www.musicincmag.com/News/2012/120515/120515_bornusa.html

We received a great rating of #5 on the post 2009 NAMM of review by The Drummers Lounge, on-line.

" Pick #5 Rim Riser USA Rim Riser USA. - Well, all I can say is 'simple is better'. In this case, you can't get much more simple than this product. You attach this Rim Riser to your snare rim, wherever you desire. While playing, the lifted rim allows better cross-sticking, rim clicking, stick control, sound consistency, and gripping than on a standard drum rim. Available in seven different colors to match your kit. A definite performance enhancement to your style, sound, and polished skills time after time."

We received a great review in the Feb. 2008 issue of Traps magazine, Dreamkit Review issue!

"The RimRiser allowed me to play a rim-click without having to modify the way I hold the stick. This lack of grip modification makes for a much more comfortable and ergonomic cross-stick playing. For another The RimRiser also seems to facilitate playing faster and more complicated rim click patterns. I suspect the RimRiser might become a standard item on many drummers’ snares once they realize its possibilities."

David Libman for Traps magazine, Dreamkit Review issue; Feb. 2008 issue

We received a great review in the November 2005 issue of Modern Drummer magazine!

"Playing without the RimRiser now feels as though my hand is hunched over the stick, and I'm more aware of lifting it for playing the rim-click pattern. Playing with the RimRiser also makes the transition between playing rim-clicks and regular snare shots much easier. I can now make the same move faster and smoother than before. Plus, the sound is, indeed, more consistent."

Chap Ostrander for Modern Drummer November 2005 issue

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