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Frequently Asked Questions

There seems to be movement when The RimRiser is mounted on the Snare is this normal?

Yes the movement is very minimal. This breathable room prevents choking of the sound, less friction on the hoop while still maintaining hoop contact.

What if the included tension rods are too long or too short for my drum?

The two rods included are Standard size 7/32 and 5mm DW. length is approximately 3 inches which fit most drums with a hoop however, we provide additional sizes and threads if needed free of charge in most cases. our selection is based on the most popular ranges of Snares and Toms please know we will do whatever we can to assure your satisfaction, just email or call us anytime.

Will the RimRiser interfere with my movement around the kit?

The RimRiser raises your drum hoop about an inch, this with strategic positioning it should not get in the way no more than a mic mounted on your hoop. The RimRiser was designed to be non intrusive and compact.